Thursday, April 27, p.m. Room 41

Symposium L: Communication and Computers
A M.Tjoa, Austria

Adaptive Control of Airline Booking Levels
K.N. Nechval, N.A. Nechval, Aviation University of Riga, Latvia
Modeling Object Oriented OLAP with UML
T.B. Nguyen, A M. Tjoa, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Sample Data for Data Warehouse Testing and Demonstrating
T.N. Huynh, J. Schiefer, B.T. Nguyen, A M. Tjoa, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Coffee Break
The Two-Criteria CFA Problem in WAN with Delay Constraint: An Algorithm and Computational Results
M. Gola, A. Kasprzak, Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland
Virtual Cultural Environments: Exploration of Information
A. Nijholt, University of Twente, Netherlands
Realization of Thought-Producing Self as the Principal Cognitive Precondition of Successful Acquainting Children with Computers
O.S. Fomichova, Moscow Children and Teenagers Palace for Creative Work, Moscow, Russia
Compression and Reconstruction of Colour Images by Means of A New Colour Decomposition Technique: The Resulting Set of Universal Eigenfunctions for the Compression by Means of Loeve-Karhunen Expansion
L. Favella, N. Balossino, M.T. Reineri, Universita di Torino, Italy

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