Cybernetics and Systems '96: Table of Contents

General Systems Methodology

Chairpersons: C.Joslyn, USA, and G.J.Klir, USA

New Developments in Mathematical Systems Theory

Chairpersons: Y.Rav, France, and F.Pichler, Austria

WORKSHOP: System, the Quantum, and Complexity

Complex Systems Analysis and Design

Chairpersons: J.W.Rozenblit, USA, and H.Prähofer, Austria

Fuzzy Systems, Approximate Reasoning and Knowledge-Based Systems

Chairpersons: C.Carlsson, Finland, K.-P.Adlaßnig, Austria, and E.P.Klement,Austria

Designing and Systems, and Their Education

Chairpersons: B.Banathy, USA, W.Gasparski, Poland, and G.Goldschmidt, Israel

Humanity, Architecture and Conceptualization

Chairpersons: G.Pask, UK, and E.Prem, Austria

Biocybernetics and Mathematical Biology

Chairperson: L.M.Ricciardi, Italy

Cybernetics and Informatics in Medicine and Psychotherapy

Chairpersons: M.Okuyama, Japan, and G.Porenta, Austria

Cybernetics of Socio-Economic Systems and of Country Development

Chairpersons: K.Balkus, USA, P.Ballonoff, USA, and
S.A.Umpleby, USA

Systems, Management and Organization

Chairpersons: G.Broekstra, Netherlands, and R.Hough, USA

Communication and Computers

Chairperson: A-M.Tjoa, Austria

Theories and Metaphors of Cyberspace

Chairpersons: F.Heylighen, Belgium, and S.A.Umpleby, USA

Knowledge Discovery in Databases

Chairperson: Y.Kodratoff, France

Artificial Neural Networks and Adaptive Systems

Chairpersons: G.Palm, Germany, and G.Dorffner, Austria

Theory and Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Chairpersons: V.Marik, Czech Republic, and E.Buchberger, Austria