Tuesday, April 2, p.m. Room 46

Symposium M: ACE 2002: Agent Construction and Emotions
C. Pinto-Ferreira, Portugal, R. Ventura, Portugal, and P. Petta, Austria

Welcome & Introduction
Carlos Pinto-Ferreira, R. Ventura, P.Petta

ACE: Theory

Emotion and Attention: Some (Empirically Inspired) Distinctions
L. Faucher, C. Tappolet, Université de Quebec a Montreal, Canada

Agency, Affiliation and Emotions
P. Dumouchel, Université du Quebec a Montreal, Canada

Formal Representation of Double-Bind Situations Using Feeling Rules and Triad Relations for Emotional Communication
T. Nomura, Hannan University, Osaka, Japan

AI Emotions: Will One Know Them When One Sees Them?
Z. Arzi-Gonczarowski, Typographics Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel

Coffee Break

ACE: Implementations

Affect Appraisals for Decision Making in Artificial Intelligences
P. Baillie, D. Lukose, U.S.Q., Toowoomba, Australia

Learning Emotions in Virtual Environments
M. Poel, R. op den Akker, A. Nijholt, A.-J.van Kesteren, University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands

From Reactive to Emotion-based Agents: A Prescriptive Model
R. Ventura, C. Pinto-Ferreira, Insitute for Systems and Robotics, Lisboa, Portugal

Emotional and Cognitive Adaptation in Real Environments
S. Gadanho, Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR), Portugal