Tuesday, April 2, p.m. Room 47

Symposium Q: History of Cybernetics and Information Technology
F. Pichler, Austria

14:00-14:30 SPECIAL LECTURE:
Control System Theory Evolution: The Role of IFAC
P. Albertos, S. Kahne, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
Fifty Years Information Theory - Solved and Unsolved Problems
E.-G. Woschni, Technical University Chemnitz, Germany
The Many Roots of Cybernetics
R. Vallee, Université Paris-Nord, France
Coffee Break
Historical Trends in Systems Theory
M. Locke, Leipzig, Germany
Historical Comments Regarding Norbert WIENER's Discussion of NEWTONian and BERGSONian Time
E. Selzer, Wien, Austria
Transdisciplinarity in Management Education and Research: Some Evidence on the Contribution of System Theory and Cybernetics
M. Schwaninger, University St. Gallen, Switzerland
Multilevel Systems Approach in Hypermedia Intelligent Tutoring
M.A. Garay Garcell, M. Sandi Pinheiro, V. Teixeira Sandi, Research Center for Systems Engineering, La Habana, Cuba