Wednesday, April 3, p.m. Room 50

Symposium G: Systems Science in Medicine
F. Tretter, Germany, and G. Porenta, Austria

Systems Theory and Medicine - Can we Bridge the Gap?
F. Tretter, Bezirkskrankenhaus Haar/Munich, Germany
Fractal Properties of the Thyrotropic Feedback Control Implications of a Nonlinear Model Compared with Empirical Data
J.W. Dietrich, A. Tesche, C.R. Pickardt, U. Mitzdorf, Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany
A Basic Mathematical Model of the Dopamine Synapse
J. Scherer, F. Tretter, E. Eberle, Bezirkskrankenhaus Haar/Munich, Germany
Coffee Break
Model Maker, a Model Creation Tool for Rule-Based Support in Medical Decision Making
F.M.H.M. Dupuits, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Model-based Analysis of Gated Cardiac PET Images: A Comparison between Different Geometric Methods
A. Khorsand, S. Graf, H. Sochor, C. Pirich, G. Porenta, University of Vienna, Austria
Case-Control Studies in Coronary Interventions: A Novel Algorithm Using Case-Based Reasoning
M. Gyöngyösi, M. Ploner, G. Porenta, W. Sperker, P. Wexberg, C. Strehblow, D. Glogar, University of Vienna, Austria
Optimization of Dosage of Certain Drugs via the Dual Control Approach
K.N. Nechval, N.A. Nechval, E.K. Vasermanis, Aviation University of Riga, Latvia