Proceedings of previous conferences:

R.Trappl (ed.): "Cybernetics and Systems 2008".
Vienna: Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies,
ISBN 978-3-85206-175-7.

R.Trappl (ed.): "Cybernetics and Systems 2006".
Vienna: Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies,
ISBN 3 85206 172 5.

R.Trappl (ed.): "Cybernetics and Systems 2004".
Vienna: Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies,
ISBN 3 85206 169 5.

There are a limited number of proceedings of the last conferences "CYBERNETICS AND SYSTEMS '98", 2 vols., "CYBERNETICS AND SYSTEMS 2000", 2 vols., and "CYBERNETICS AND SYSTEMS 2002", 2 vols., plus some of former conferences, available.
Please contact the conference secretariat for more details.

The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence of the Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies provides the editorial office of

Applied Artificial Intelligence: An International Journal

Robert Trappl
Associate Editors:
Ronald Brachman, Rodney A. Brooks, Hiroaki Kitano, Douglas B. Lenat, Oliviero Stock, Wolfgang Wahlster, Michael Wooldridge
Applied Artificial Intelligence helps exchange useful information about advances and experiences in this field among AI researchers. Furthermore, it aids decision makers in industry and management to understand the accomplishments and limitations of the state-of-the- art of artificial intelligence.

Research presented focusses on methodology, time-schedules, problems, work force strength, new tools, transfer of theoretical accomplishments to application problems, information exchange among concerned AI researchers and decision makers about the potential impacts of their work on their decisions.

AAI appears in ten issues per annum. Each volume comprises appr. 1000 pages.

The Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies hosts the editorial office of

Cybernetics and Systems: An International Journal

Robert Trappl
Associate Editors:
Henri Atlan, Christer Carlsson, George J. Klir, Franz Pichler, Luigi M. Ricciardi, Stuart A.Umpleby, Tibor Vamos, Alexander Weinmann, Bernhard P. Zeigler
Cybernetics and Systems disseminates information about important methodological developments in cybernetics, enabling scientists from different areas to use these methods in their research; focusses on important new applications of cybernetic methods in different areas in order to encourage application of these methods to problems; and informs the scientific community of new books, ongoing research in specific institutions, forthcoming conferences, and institutional and personal changes.

Cybernetics and Systems appears in eight issues per annum and comprises appr. 800 pages per volume.

Both journals are published by Taylor and Francis, Philadelphia, PA.

Please send your manuscripts to be considered for publication in one of these two journals via email to the Editor-in-Chief at the editorial office in Vienna. More detailed information on both journals as well as the Instructions for authors are forwarded upon request but can also be found at