Call for Papers

Artificial Neural Networks and Adaptive Systems

a symposium at the
Thirteenth European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research

chairs: Guenter Palm, Germany, and Georg Dorffner, Austria

April 9-12, 1996
University of Vienna,
Vienna, Austria

For this symposium, papers on any theoretical or practical aspect of artificial neural networks are invited. Special focus, however, will be put on the issue of adaptivity both in practical engineering applications and in applications of neural networks to the modeling of human behavior. By adaptivity we mean the capability of a neural network to adjust itself to changing environments. We make a careful distinction between "learning" to devise weight matrices for a neural network before it is applied (and usually left unchanged) on one hand, and true adaptivity of a given neural network to constantly changing conditions on the other hand - i.e. incremental learning in unstationary environments. The following is a - by no means exhaustive - list of possible topics in this realm:

Preference will be given to contributions that address such issues of adaptivity, but - as mentioned initially - other original work on neural newtorks is also welcome. Deadline for submissions (10 single-spaced A4 pages, maximum 43 lines, max. line length 160 mm, 12 point) is October 12, 1995.

Papers should be sent to:

I. Ghobrial-Willmann or G. Helscher
Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies
A-1010 Vienna 1, Schottengasse 3 (Austria)
Phone: +43-1-53532810
Fax: +43-1-5320652

For more information on the whole EMCSR conference and instructions for submissions, see the EMCSR home page.