EMCSR 98, Friday, April 17, a.m. Room 41

Symposium C: Fuzzy Systems, Approximate Reasoning and Knowledge-Based Systems
C.Carlsson, Finland, K.-P.Adlassnig, Austria, and E.P.Klement, Austria

Rule Base and Inference Process of the Medical Expert System CADIAG-IV
L.Brein, K.-P.Adlassnig, G.Kolousek, University of Vienna, Austria
An Application of Fuzzy Set Theory in a Diagnostic Process Extended in Time
E.Rakus-Andersson, T.Gerstenkorn, University of Lodz, Poland
Optimal Threshold Settings in CADIAG-II/COLON
C.Lagor, K.-P.Adlassnig, G.-V. Kornek, W.Scheitauer, University of Vienna, Austria

Johannes Matiasek
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