EMCSR 98, Friday, April 17, a.m. Room 48

Symposium H: Cybernetics of Socio-Economic Systems and of Country Development
P.Ballonoff, USA, and S.A.Umpleby, USA

Identifying the Russian Cultural Constitution
V.Gouchtchina, S.A.Umpleby, Voronezh State University, Russia
Problems of Support of Socio-Economic Environment of Organisations for their Sustainable Development
V.Degtiar, Moscow State University, Russia
Will Russia Become an Industrial or a Post-Industrial Society?
S.A.Umpleby, V.N.Gouchtchina, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., USA
Transition by Ownership or Entrepreneurship?
M.Rebernik, M.Mulej, S.Kajzer, University of Maribor, Slovenia

Johannes Matiasek
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