EMCSR 98, Friday, April 17, p.m. Room 48

Symposium H: Cybernetics of Socio-Economic Systems and of Country Development
P.Ballonoff, USA, and S.A.Umpleby, USA

Systems Thinking or Systems Dreaming?: Predictive, Normative and Prescriptive Approaches in Applications of Systems Thinking in Social Sciences
C.Mesjasz, Academy of Economics, Cracow, Poland
Liberalism, Libertarianism, Free Choice
P.Ballonoff, Ballonoff Consulting Service, Washington, D.C., USA
General Considerations on Fundamental Differences Between the Anglo-American and the Central European Socio-Economic System
K.Körner, Vienna, Austria
From Verbal Data to Complex Problem Solving by GABEK
J.Zelger, Leopold-Franzens-University, Innsbruck, Austria

Johannes Matiasek
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