EMCSR 98, Wednesday, April 15, a.m. Room 34

Symposium A: New Developments in Mathematical Systems Theory
Y.Rav, France, and F.Pichler, Austria

Variational Approach to Adaptive Optimization of Stochastic Systems
N.A.Nechval, K.N.Nechval, B.M.Heimanis, Aviation University of Riga, Latvia
Systems Theory for Macro-Architecting in the Computer- and Information Sciences
F.Pichler, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria
The Artificial Intelligence Approach to the State Identification Problems
I.Sierocki, Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland
Some Remarks on Calculation Complexity of Fourier Transforms on Finite Groups
R.S.Stankovic, D.Milenovic, Faculty of Electronics, Nis, Yugoslavia

Johannes Matiasek
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