EMCSR 2000 Schedule

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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34 O N N N Q Q Invited
41 I I K L M
46 G G A C C C
47 B Plenary
B B E Plenary
48 P D D J F F

EMCSR 2000 Symposia

A Systems Science
G.J.Klir, USA
B New Developments in Mathematical Systems Theory
Y.Rav, France, and F.Pichler, Austria
C System, the Quantum, and Complexity
M.Carvallo, Netherlands
D Time's Arrow: Irreversibility from Quantum Systems to Biological Evolution
G.Groessing, Austria
E Fuzzy Systems, Approximate Reasoning and Knowledge-Based Systems
C.Carlsson, Finland, K.-P.Adlassnig, Austria
F Designing and Systems, and Their Education
B.Banathy, USA, W.Gasparski, Poland, and M.Jackson, UK
G Biocybernetics and Mathematical Biology
L.M.Ricciardi, Italy
H Medical Cybernetics and Telemedicine
M.Baljon, Netherlands, and G.Porenta, Austria
I Management and Organizational Change
G.Broekstra, Netherlands, and R.Hough, USA
J Forecasts of the Y2K Consequences - and Discussions at the Conference Why and Where They Were Right/Wrong
P.Ballonoff, USA, and S.A.Umpleby, USA
K Simulation of Social Behaviour and Artificial Economy
R.Conte, Italy, and A.Taudes, Austria
L Communication and Computers
A M.Tjoa, Austria
M Artificial Neural Networks and Adaptive Systems
H.-M.Gross, Germany, and G.Dorffner, Austria
N From Agent Theory to Agent Implementation II
[AT2AI2 homepage]
J.P.Müller, UK, and P.Petta, Austria
O Autonomy Control: Lessons from the Emotional
[ACE2000 homepage]
C.Pinto-Ferreira, Portugal, R.Ventura, Portugal, and P.Petta, Austria
P Knowledge Discovery in Data and in Texts
Y.Kodratoff, France
Q Theory and Application of Artificial Intelligence
V.Marik, Czech Republic, and E.Buchberger, Austria

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