EMCSR 98 Schedule

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47 P Plenary
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EMCSR 98 Symposia

  1. New Developments in Mathematical Systems Theory
    Y.Rav, France, and F.Pichler, Austria
  2. System, the Quantum, and Complexity
    M.Carvallo, Netherlands, and G.Groessing, Austria
  3. Fuzzy Systems, Approximate Reasoning and Knowledge-Based Systems
    C.Carlsson, Finland, K.-P.Adlassnig, Austria, and E.P.Klement, Austria
    Symposium private page
  4. Designing and Systems
    W.Gasparski, Poland, and G.Goldschmidt, Israel
  5. Social Systems Design, and its Education
    B.Banathy, USA, and M.Jackson, UK
  6. Biocybernetics and Mathematical Biology
    L.M.Ricciardi, Italy
  7. Cybernetics and Systems in Medicine
    Xie Z., China, and G.Porenta, Austria
  8. Cybernetics of Socio-Economic Systems and of Country Development
    P.Ballonoff, USA, and S.A.Umpleby, USA
  9. Systems, Management and Organization
    G.Broekstra, Netherlands, and R.Hough, USA
  10. Communication and Computers
    A M.Tjoa, Austria
  11. Ethical Problems of Information Systems
    W.Gasparski, Poland
  12. Artificial Neural Networks and Adaptive Systems
    H.-M.Gross, Germany, and G.Dorffner, Austria
  13. Embodied Cognition and Artificial Intelligence
    M.Mataric, USA, and E.Prem, Austria
    Symposium private page
  14. From Agent Theory to Agent Implementation
    J.P.Müller, UK, and P.Petta, Austria
    Symposium private page
  15. Applications of Data Mining
    Y.Kodratoff, France
  16. Theory and Application of Artificial Intelligence
    V.Marik, Czech Republic, and E.Buchberger, Austria

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